Voluntary Employee Benefits

Voluntary Employee Benefits

Over the years employee benefits have been cut to save costs. Yet, these benefits can be critical to helping people in their personal lives. Voluntary Benefits often fill at least some of this void. While dental insurance and vision plans are well known examples, there are other important Voluntary Benefits to consider. Paragon offers two Voluntary Benefits programs, at no cost to the company, that can improve employee productivity and retention: 1) HomeMove Services, a program implemented by Paragon Real Estate Resources, offers rebates up to $10,300 when buying or selling a home (restrictions apply) and 2) assistance for the aging to either stay in their own home longer or to move into senior living (provided by Paragon Home Resources).

HomeMove Services
Paragon Real Estate Resource’s HomeMove Services provides the employee cash back when buying and/or selling a home. Some restrictions apply. Click here to see the amount of cash back that can be earned. In addition, the program offers discounted rates with moving companies and referral assistance to help find the right moving company, real estate agents, mortgage bank or other professional service. With HomeMove Services, all suppliers and professionals have been purposely selected. Each and every company has demonstrated a history of outstanding service.

Paragon Home Resources
With years of real estate experience, we provide services that give your employees’ aging loved ones the ability to live independently for as long as possible. And, if it should become necessary to move into an assisted living facility, Paragon Home Resources can help with that too. Throughout our process employees and family members will work with a personal Home Resources Coordinator assigned to arrange all home and/or transition services. Paragon’s goal is to provide peace of mind and expert advice to instill a sense of security. This allows employees to stay focused on their jobs while also taking care of their family or loved ones.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Management and maintenance of the current home
  • Access to home equity through a reverse mortgage
  • Sale of the current home if the time comes to enter an assisted living facility, or other living arrangement
  • Sorting personal and household belongings to prepare for a move
  • Moving personal and household belongings as needed
  • Training for the family to deal with the aging process