Consulting Approach

Consulting Approach

Consulting isn’t just something we do at Paragon; it’s what we are.

Over 25 years ago, Paragon formally entered the relocation management industry as a consulting company, assisting in the development of comprehensive relocation and assignment management policies and programs for the Fortune 1000. This entrée into relocation is the foundation upon which Paragon evolved into a full service global relocation company, providing not only the guidance but the coordination, tracking and follow-up to administer programs.

Paragon’s Global Consulting Team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who are trained to proactively interact with you and your team, analyze your current state and advise on how to reach your desired future state. Collaboration and “listening to understand” help us to engage with our clients in whatever capacity they need us to so that we may develop a trusted partnership, strategize efficiencies and deliver on what we promise. We recognize that global mobility is more than just moving people; it’s about successfully managing a corporation’s human capital.

Closing the gap between strategy and execution is an expertise that is achieved through years of experience working at different levels, in different functions and across multiple industries. Paragon Consulting’s primary objective is to draw from this knowledge and combine it with industry best practices, the latest trends and our client’s culture, needs and goals to provide practical solutions to your greatest challenges.

Paragon Consulting is driven to help you achieve your goals. We offer solutions for today and tomorrow that scale and realign as the needs and objectives of your organization change. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless we can impart a positive and measurable impact on the long-term health of your organization.

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